Wednesday, 3 January 2018

On Ringo Lake Part 6

With the releasing of clue 6, the clues came fast - one a day. At present I am working on clue 7, but 8 and the finishing will have to wait until after our road trip.
After following Vireya's instructions in Part 4, I was interested to make sure the units would work in this unit. I used the template that Bonnie suggested in clue 4 to rule a line marking the triangle. I stitched 1/4" along each side of the line and made two of the units. Worked fine. What an easy way to do the units and not having to sew on the bias. 
Now, the trick is to remember how to do this next time.
Our first Road Trip for 2018 is to the Elvis Festival in Parkes and then to the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Back in 2010, on a USA trip we were fortunate to go to Graceland, and I purchased some Elvis fabric. All these years I never knew what to do with the fabric, but now that we are finally going to the Elvis Festival I thought I would make some small items to sell to the other campers for pocket money.
I started with coasters.
So far I've made 8 sets of 4 coasters, I'm not sure if I'll have time to make any more.

Friday, 29 December 2017

On Ringo Lake Part 5

Part 5 complete and even ironed and I now have many many more 'bonus triangles'.
Have a look at what others are doing on Bonnie's Week 5 Linkup Party.

So in moving on to some other sewing, ModaBlockHeads, I was able to use some of the brown bonus triangles in the next block. Think I will need to store the little baggy of brown triangles with the BlockHead blocks. They did save me a lot of time.
I also started some Elvis mug rugs to take to the Elvis Festival.
I have many more to make.
I took a break from Bonnie's leaders and enders 2017 blocks to work on an Aussie Christmas bunting, that I purchased some years ago. I will look great when I finish it. Meanwhile I'll be off to Spotlight shortly to see what specials they have on Christmas fabric and pre-cuts.
Happy New Year Everyone, and Happy Sewing.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Ringo Lake part 4

Finally caught up and ready to start part 5 tomorrow.

After I posted to Bonnie's Part 4 Link up Party with my parts 2 and 3, I had a look at some other links and came across some great ideas and lovely colour choices - BUT I'm not changing my colours now 😏. One of the random links I came across was Vireya's Blog - wow, I'm so glad I did. Vireya shared a way to make unit 4 blocks without using cut triangles. Vireya also includes a link to how to make  this unit in a different way. You will have to use Bonnie's measurements in the adjustment, and it worked. I followed Bonnie's suggestion of cutting a cardboard template to check on one block and double checked using my triangle ruler. So, I continued to cut out the pieces and sew the units.
Ready to start part 5. It really pays to see what others are doing. You can see Bonnie's Monday Link Up here.

I also had time to make a few more fabric coasters, and this time I adapted the method. I will post about that in another blog post, when I've taken photos of the process.